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Counselling for individuals and couples

We offer counselling for individuals and for couples – someone to talk to about ‘your stuff’; someone who will not only listen empathically but who will also assist you in addressing the issues that are worrying you.

Your counselling sessions are confidential and are focused on what you would like to achieve through engaging in counselling. Each session is one hour. The number of sessions, timing and their frequency are designed to suit your unique needs, and are discussed between us at the first session.

Issues that may be addressed can include: relationship challenges; communication issues; self-awareness and self-esteem; personal growth and development; depression and anxiety; existential crossroads; stress; conflict, and management and leadership capabilities.

Cancellation policy: If for some reason you need to cancel or postpone the appointment it is necessary to provide at least 48 hours notice to avoid full payment of our fee.

Refunds from health funds

Refunds from the following health funds are now available, dependent on your level of health insurance cover:

  • Bupa
  • Doctors' health fund
  • Medibank private
  • Police health fund

Professional Supervision Training for Counsellors & Health Professionals

A competent Clinical/Professional Supervisor for counsellors and psychotherapists should be able to conduct supervision sessions using various supervision interventions, provide effective evaluation and feedback to supervisees, and address the ethical and legal considerations of supervision.

The RISE UP training program is a three-day workshop with a pre-course study requirement, designed to provide supervision training for Mental Health workers who are currently, or are going to be, responsible for the practice of other mental health workers.

The training program covers all the competencies that are required as a component of eligibility for membership to the premiere College of Supervisors, a professional College of specialists under the Australian Counselling Association Inc (ACA)

  • Book your place for Monday 30, Tuesday 31 March and Wednesday 1 April 2020, 9 am to 4.30 pm each day. $1,100 + GST per person or $950 +gst if registering by 27 February 2020. Darwin, Northern Territory

  • Book your place for Monday 16, Tuesday 17, Wednesday 18 March 2020, 9 am to 4.30 pm each day. $900 + GST per person or $780 +gst if registering by 13 February 2020 OR Monday 2, Tuesday 3, Wednesday 4 November 2020, early bird date is 1 October 2020. Perth, Western Australia

Register at

In-house counselling for employees (an on-site employee assistance program)

Our in-house counselling program provides organisations and its employees with a qualified counsellor, who is located on your premises on a regular basis. This could be one day per week, per fortnight, per month... This service can have major positive advantages for your organisation and staff:

  • If employee concerns and issues are addressed closer to when they occur, the employee can be assisted earlier and their performance enhanced, both of which can have a direct and significant positive impact on teamwork and productivity
  • Our in-house counselling service can compliment your management’s performance development efforts with staff
  • Utilising an in-house counsellor is easy as it requires less time (and effort) on the part of the staff member, compared to travelling to an external company
  • Due to this, staff book directly with us and are more likely to address issues that are concerning them, rather than telling themselves that ‘it really isn’t that big an issue’ or ‘it’s too much effort to travel off-site’ or ‘I don’t have enough time to see a counsellor’
  • Consequently, staff issues are dealt with when they are ‘smaller’ rather when they become a ‘crisis’

Issues that may be addressed can include: work-related difficulties; dealing with organisational change; interpersonal issues with colleagues/peers/management; management and leadership capabilities or challenges; self-awareness and self-esteem; personal growth and development, depression and anxiety, existential crossroads, stress, and workplace conflict. Naturally, the counselling service preserves the confidentiality and anonymity of our clients. Your organisation is simply invoiced for the day(s) spent on your premises.

Dr Genevieve Armson is a registered member of these professional associations:

  • Employee Assistance Professionals Association of Australasia Inc EAPAA
  • Australian Counselling Association Inc, ACA
  • Resolution Institute Resolution Institute
  • College of Supervisors ACA
  • EMDR Association of Australia EMDRAA

Easing conflict in the workplace – Mediation services

Conflict is a natural part of life – in our personal lives and in the workplace setting. Differences between individuals and teams in the workplace are inevitable. But what is the best way to deal with these differences? What is the best way to manage these conflicts? Left unattended, they can cause significant damage to a workplace. The organisations that seek to address these conflicts know that the aim is not to avoid conflict, but to identify the optimum way in which it can be managed. Well-structured and informed workplace mediation offers a way forward. It is based on providing an opportunity for the parties to “identify issues, develop options, consider alternatives and make decision about future actions and outcomes” (The Australian National Mediator Standards 2007).

What is mediation? Mediation is a confidential, voluntary process that, with the support of a qualified mediator, assists parties in conflict to identify issues, develop options and alternatives, consider and make decisions on the way forward.

What is the role of the mediator? The mediator is there to support the parties to reach their own decisions in an impartial and confidential manner. The mediator assists you to identify and test out your assumptions, to facilitate communications and understanding, and to support the parties in jointly developing strategies with the aim of arriving at mutually-beneficial outcomes. Mediators do not give advice, nor do they determine the solution.

How long does mediation take? The duration of a mediation session really depends on the commitment of the parties and the number and complexity of the issues being addressed. A mediation session may be 2-3 hours, or it many involve a series of meetings. This will be discussed with you prior to undertaking the mediation work.

Realisations Consultancy can offer you a mediation service that is confidential, professional, research-based and outcomes-focused.

On-site intervention (crisis) counselling

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, said ‘nothing endures but change’, he said that in 500 BC! In the 21st century, organisations continue to face change at an exponential rate. Globalisation, market forces, government regulations and employee expectations have put enormous pressure on organisations to re-think their structure and their processes. While change must be well managed - in terms of effective planning, organisation, direction and control - a major factor that is often overlooked is the support for and encouragement of employees in the process. Change for some people is exciting however for most employees it brings with it uncertainty, stress and doubts about their future.

Ensuring that these employees have a counsellor to whom they can turn during these difficult times can greatly minimise the stress, disengagement and fear that can be characteristic during times of considerable organisational change.

To assist you with these ‘challenging’ organisational times, we offer you the service of an on-site counsellor, where this service compliments the efforts being expended by the organisation and your managers. The duration of this service is tailored to suit your organisation and its unique needs.

Dr Genevieve Armson is a registered member of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association of Australasia Inc EAPAA and of the Australian Counselling Association Inc, ACA

Executive coaching

Coaching is a partnership aimed at assisting individuals to achieve their stated results in their personal and professional lives.

Employees at all organisational levels may be involved in a coaching program for a variety of reasons: they feel a need for training; they are building on existing skills; they feel ‘stuck’; they wish to develop their potential for a career move; they need to address performance issues, or they are looking to maximise their strengths. We utilise the GROW model for your coaching programs:

  • G= goals. We commence the first session by discussing and recording your specific goals for the coaching program
  • R = realistic. Our discussions are based on real situations, specific to your role and organisation
  • O = options and opportunities. We explore ideas, strategies and options that will assist you to achieve your stated goals, and address the issues that you currently face or wish to have alternative approaches to. We also identify the opportunities for implementing our agreed strategies.
  • W = The coachee needs to be willing to be engaged. W also stands for ‘way forward’ ie at the end of each coaching session we will have agreed on a number of actions that you will implement in your workplace. At the commencement of the following session we discuss your progress (the way forward) ie what worked, what still needs work.

So the sessions are specific to YOU in the context of YOUR role within the organisation.

Learning and development programs

Professional development through learning is a vital step towards workplace cohesiveness, cooperation and ultimately, organisational success. We specialise in providing you and your team with relevant, innovative and successful corporate learning that is customised to your specific needs and required outcomes. A program can range from a half day training session through to a 12 month leadership program. We offer you ‘the Realisations Consultancy advantage’ for your corporate learning needs:

  • Over 20 years of proven results
  • Specialist corporate educators with extensive industry experience and qualifications
  • High quality customised programs
  • Streamlined support systems
  • Measurable outcomes

We specialise in three major areas of professional development:

  • Assisting people to get along with themselves (intrapersonal development)
  • Assisting people to get along with others (interpersonal development)
  • Management and leadership development

Our emphasis is on practical, relevant and timely knowledge and skills development. The result is success, on an individual and an organisational basis.

A sample of the group learning and development programs that we can offer you can be found at: Realisations programs

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