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Getting Along With Yourself
oUnshakeable Self-Belief
oDeveloping Emotional Intelligence
oAssertive Communications
oCoping With Everyday Stress
oMaintaining Wellness
oFlexible Thinking and Behaviour
oMastering Your Time
oBalancing Work and Life
oDeveloping Your Personal Resilience NEW
Getting Along With Others
oOutstanding Customer Service
oDynamic Presentations
oPowerful Negotiating
oManaging Your Boss
oInterdependence In Teams
oInterpersonal Skills for Technical People
oEffective Telephone Communication
oBusiness Writing Skills
oGrowing Business Through Relationships
oConversations about mental health issues in the workplace how at ease are you? NEW
oEasing conflict at work - Mediation Services NEW
oManaging Difficult or Challenging Conversations NEW
oWorkshop on an often taboo subject - What do I say to the grieving person? NEW
Leading Others
oDeveloping Talented Leaders and Managers
oCollaborative Performance Development
oSelecting the Right Person
oTaking Teams to the Next Level
oProviding Effective and Meaningful Feedback NEW
The Big Picture
oThe Innovation Journey
oWhat Great Companies Are Made Of
Tools and Instruments
oDiSC Personal Behaviour Profile
oHerrmann Brain Dominance Instrument
oMyers Briggs Type Indicator
oOpen Space Facilitation

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