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TEE Students Encouraged To Put Exams in 21st Century Perspective

Monday, 4 November 2002 MEDIA STATEMENT

Thousands of Year 12 students across Western Australia - who start their written TEE examinations this Wednesday (6 November) - have been encouraged to do their best, but to put the exams in the proper perspective in their career paths.

The students have been urged to realise that the world is changing so much, and so quickly, that the TEE alone is not absolutely critical to their life long careers. Less than expected TEE results are not the end of the world.

Corporate education expert Genevieve Armson today gave a contemporary perspective on the TEE to some 1,000 Warnbo Community High School Year 12 students and their parents at their graduation ceremony in the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.

Ms Armson BSc (Hons) MBA (Dist) CSP, is the founder of leading WA training organisation Realisations Consultancy and President of the WA Chapter of the National Speakers Association. She has worked in senior corporate management nationally and internationally.

The Warnbro address came as more than 21,000 WA students are sitting, or preparing to sit at least one TEE subject, and take their first written exams this Wednesday (6 November). About 84 per cent of TEE students are enrolled to sit four or more subject exams over the next two weeks. The first written TEE exams on Wednesday, are History and Biology, with English and Discrete Mathematics to follow on Thursday and Friday.

Some 7,600 female students will sit the 33 TEE subject exams this year with some 6,200 males.

Ms Armson told the Warnbro students that they live in a world in which employment trends have radically changed since the time of their parents.

“Most students sitting their TEE during the next fortnight, will change careers at least five times during their working lives – and many jobs they will fill have not yet been created,” Ms Armson said. “The TEE is an important test, but not one that necessarily locks anyone into any particular career direction anymore. Students need to realise that education is a life long process and the TEE is only a milestone along the way.” ..Ms Armson encouraged the year 12 students to seize every opportunity to realise their full inner be the best that they can be, as they embark on this new and exciting journey.’ . The Warnbro students heard that there are very many examples of people who may have not have scored great results – or may not even have finished (or entered) high school – who have gone on to become very successful in their lives.

“The real keys to anybody’s success are found in their attitude and their commitment to setting goals, being persistent in their actions, and being determined to do the hard work needed to get where they want to go,” Ms Armson said.

”The TEE may well be a measure of a person’s technical skills and learning, but a student’s self-belief and ‘soft skills’, such as communication ability, emotional intelligence and ability to relate to others, are just as important factors in determining employment and careers.”

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