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Employee Self-Belief Just As Valuable As Technical Skills

Wednesday, 30 October, 2002 MEDIA STATEMENT

Business Key Uncovered: Employee Self-Belief Just As Valuable As Technical Skills

More than 10 years experience and on-going research, by one of Western Australia’s leading corporate educators, has highlighted a valuable business success factor: the self-belief of employees is just as valuable to an organisation as their technical skills.

This little-realised factor is based on the work Realisations Consultancy (based in Carlisle) has done with hundreds of Western Australian and national companies and organisations, involving thousands of employees, over the past decade.

In this time, Realisations has worked with organisations such as Curtin University of Technology, Hamersley Iron, the RAC, Royal Perth Hospital, Wray and Associates, and Heytesbury Beef Pty Ltd - in the burgeoning fields of corporate transformation and culture development.

Many of Realisations’ clients will help celebrate the firm’s 10th anniversary, at a special function at Barrocco’s Restaurant in Northbridge this Friday (1 November, 2002).

Corporate educator and Realisations Consultancy founder Genevieve Armson BSc (Hons) MBA (Dist) CSP, is an adult education expert who is President of the WA Chapter of the National Speakers Association.

Ms Armson said that this extensive experience has shown that developing the self belief of staff – any organisation’s ‘human capital’ - is of major importance and should be a key on-going professional development goal.

What too many organisations failed to realise was that business could be won or lost on the knowledge, attitudes, behaviour and self-belief of their people – both employees and management.

The lack of focus on self-belief and the ‘human heart’ in the corporate world, had arguably led to the current debate about CEO's excessive earnings, disillusionment with Total Quality Management programs, concerns about declining staff loyalty and poor corporate image.

Ms Armson has worked in senior corporate management nationally and internationally.

She said that the experience and research of her work consistently pointed employee self-belief being a key link between the success of any company and its staff performance.

“Self belief is perhaps the most basic human need, and yet, too many organisations neglect training and development of this need in their people,” she said. “Far too often this factor is categorised with the so-called ‘soft skills’ – and neglected in favour of technical abilities. Organisations that have realised this traditional imbalance, and have moved to correct it, have reaped the profit and success rewards, creating what we call ‘The Unfair Advantage’.

Ms Armson said that the Realisations’ experience had found that staff who believed in themselves were proud of how competent they were, and had a strong sense of personal worth.

“Such people have a fundamental positive impact on the productivity and profitability of any company,” Ms Armson said. “Realisations’ customised learning and development programs focus on maximising this self belief in an organisation’s people. Our mission is to assist them, and their company or organisation, to realise their full inner potential.”

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