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Re-vamping Australia’s World of Work: National Post for WA Corporate Educator


One of Western Australia’s leading corporate educators has been appointed Director of a unique national organisation focused on revolutionising Australia’s management and work environment.

Corporate transformation and culture specialist Genevieve Armson (based in Carlisle) – the founder of Realisations Consultancy - is now a Director of the Australia-wide organisation SLaM (Sprituality, Leadership and Management Network) Limited.

SLaM – head quartered in Sydney NSW - aims to turn old-school management ideas upside down by restoring the ‘human heart, culture and spirituality’ of business and Government organisations. It promotes the vast practical benefits of inspiring management and employees through workplaces that are stimulating, exciting, fulfilling and fun.

The lack of this ‘human heart’ in the corporate world has arguably led to the current debate about CEO's excessive earnings, disillusionment with Total Quality Management programs, concerns about declining staff loyalty and poor corporate image.

Ms Armson BSc (Hons) MBA (Dist) CSP, - who is President of the WA Chapter of the National Speakers Association - has worked in senior corporate management nationally and internationally. She is an adult education specialist and member of the International Federation of Professional Speakers; one of only seven Western Australians to hold the highest globally-recognised level of accreditation - the CSP or Certified Speaking Professional.

The non-profit organisation SLaM – established in March 2000 - is a nation-wide active learning network bringing together private consultants, academics, teachers, researchers and people from every level of work in corporations, institutions, business and government. Its objective is to foster the integration of spirituality, leadership and management in organisations and communities through networking, education and research.

“SLaM’s premise is that the wealth of corporations and institutions is mostly 'human capital' - not simply intellectual property, not only human knowledge and skills, but human spirit as well,” Genevieve said.

“Many people now spend more than half their daily hours at work, and they are seeking balance, a sense of connectiveness and involvement, a sharing of their organisation’s vision, beyond just being cogs in any organisational machine.

“Salary now ranks well behind people’s concerns about their work situation. As we enter the 21st Century, people are much more concerned about other rewards and benefits offered by their job beyond money.”

Ms Armson said that too many ‘traditional’ organisations continue to suffer the profit penalties that inevitably come with common mistakes such as:

+ Failing to recognise, and give credit to, the overall contributions and successes of people who work for them, through positive feedback, but being very quick to criticise them for any mistakes;

+ Refusing to give staff a sense of responsibility, participation and involvement in corporate decisions;

+ Dismissing the vital importance of the ‘soft’ inter-personal human skills of employees, which have proven to be just as important as technical ability, and;

+ Having poor communication which creates an ‘us and them’ culture between managers and staff.

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