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Plunkett Builds on Staff


A STAFF supervisory team from Plunkett home builders has been working hard over the past seven months to improve its management skills.

The company teamed with training firm Realisations Consultancy Pty Ltd to produce a training program aimed at teaching management skills to employees with staffing responsibilities.

Plunkett Group general manager Tony Pritchett said he had always believed that staff with outstanding talent were often promoted into positions that needed skills not taught at university or TAFE.

"The success of any company rests with the ability of its people to cope with the rigours of business life at the end of the century - this is certainly the case within the competitive home building industry.

"To put pressure on people to perform without thinking of their ability to manage their new responsibilities often creates tension. It can ruin the enjoyment and morale of a staff member who has gained a well-earned promotion. "This is an area in which training becomes vital."

Plunkett teamed up with Realisations director Genevieve Armson and devised a program covering topics such as leadership and interview skills, delegation, goal-setting, stress, time and performance management.

It then committed every staff member in an office supervisor role to the seven-month course.

Ms Armson said the course had proved a big success. "The energy level was fantastic - it was great to see supervisors from different areas of the company build up a great team spirit."

Mr Pritchett then gave the group the ultimate test, a five-minute presentation on the course benefits.

"I was amazed at the growth in confidence and ability," he said. "Everyone passed with flying colours and managed to hold their nerve in what was for many their first attempt at public speaking.

"The team has come a long way. "It's great to think the future of the Plunkett Group is in the hands of a capable team who will also benefit from future planned programs."

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