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Job Above Salary

Employees care more about job satisfaction than money.

That’s the warning from Genevieve Armson, director of Carlisle based workplace educators, Realisations Consultancy.

Ms Armson said a recent nationwide survey of 1200 employees by Aon Consulting found only about 25 percent of workers would walk away from their jobs if offered a small pay rise by another employer.

She said the study illustrated that factors other than pay are important when it comes to keeping employees happy.

“One of the major reasons people leave companies is not salary but lack of recognition.” Ms Armson said.

“At the same time employers want more than people who just do the job and go home.”

Ms Armson said employers must be continually working to ensure employees believe in the vision and goals of an organisation, or they will look for another job.

She said lack of “human heart” in the corporate sector was a major factor in the debate about excessive earnings of some executives and that focusing in the happiness of employees has a direct effect of a company’s bottom line. Realisations works with companies to transform their work practices and staff relationships.

Now 10 years old, the company has worked with organisations such as Heytesbury Beef Ltd, Royal Perth Hospital, Hamersley Iron Ltd, RAC and the WA Department of Treasury.

Ms Armson said realisations had found employee self-belief was a key link between the success of a company and staff performance. She said companies far too often avoided developing “soft skills”, concentrating instead on technical abilities.

But staff who believed in themselves were more likely to stick with a company.

By Nick Butterly The Sunday Times 27th October 2002

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