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The Essential Elements of a Successful Performance Management Meeting

A successful performance management system needs these elements - in the formal meetings and (more importantly) throughout the year. How does your performance management system stack up?

  • trust
  • meaning there is no blame - there is honesty and genuine sharing
  • confidentiality
  • discussions are kept between your team member and you
  • commitment
  • you have prepared for all meetings - formal and informal (and this is evident)
  • you give the impression that you are committed to this process
  • objectivity
  • you have prepared specific, relevant and meaningful comments on their performance
  • effective communications
  • you are prepared to discuss their performance, having already thought about what you want to say
  • you freely offer your opinions, give reasons, specific examples (after you have listened to them!)
  • you encourage them to problem solve
  • active listening
  • you actively listen to their ideas first - you ask them open questions, avoiding accusatory language or uninvited advice

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