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“Flexible Thinking and Behaviour” was a professional management development program facilitated by Dr Genevieve Armson, Director of Realisations Consultancy in June 2009.

The program was designed to challenge GSI senior managers in the way we thought and encouraged us to be more flexible not only in our work lives but also our personal lives. It questioned the “right” way to think through a problem and involved us in discussing different options for viewing everyday issues.

The afternoon was a great learning experience as we explored and analysed ideas and concepts. Genevieve kept things moving along by initiating enjoyable and pertinent group activities.

Overall, the program assisted us in gaining new strategies and confidence to be creative so we can proactively make decisions and innovate in the workplace.

Thank you Genevieve for facilitating a well planned and thought out program. From the responses I received at the end of the day – it was a rewarding experience for all involved – a wonderful success!

--- John Knowles, Chief Executive Officer, Good Samaritan Industries

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