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I have worked with Genevieve Armson of Realisations Consulting for the past six years. I might also add that this working relationship is continuing with projects running through 2009 - 2010.

  • Realisations' administration is very easy to work with, which is not that common with many consultants I have worked with.
  • Genevieve approaches every project with the same level of polished professionalism, is very reliable, and her groups report an authenticity in the relationship she builds with them.
  • I have given Genevieve projects that can be described as "challenging" in terms of topic, target group, and learning approach. In each case she has responded with a solid performance and high outcomes.
  • Genevieve is exciting to work with, and to collaborate with on joint projects.

Recently Genevieve has designed, co-designed, and conducted sessions such as:

  • Coaching for Results
  • Handling Difficult Conversations
  • You CAN Manage Conflict
  • Building a Strong Team
  • Climate Survey Outcome Workshop Facilitation
  • Building a Vibrant Team

Basically, Genevieve and her team provide top-draw services and results.

--- Colin Sims, HR Advisor, Learning and Organisational Development, City of Perth

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