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Realisations Consultancy Pty Ltd was invited to facilitate the “Senior Care Coordinators Orientation Program” held at Hillary’s Harbour Resort from 3 – 7 November 2008.

The aim of the program was to gradually develop and build on the management skills of the newly appointed Silver Chain Senior Care Coordinators and Regional Administrators so that their knowledge and skills could immediately be implemented in to the workplace with confidence.

The great success of the program is clearly evident as shown below:

Participants were asked to provide feedback following the program by answering a series of questions:

How would you rate the program information presented? 100%

How would you rate the exercises and activities? 100%

How would you rate the presentation of the sessions? 100%

How would you rate the facilitators style and method of presentation? 100%

The program itself was presented in an entertaining and interactive style. Genevieve Armson is an articulate and extremely polished presenter. Her knowledge was clearly evident in her delivery of the program and her skills in managing group training kept everyone enthusiastically involved.

The attention to detail by the Realisations Consultancy administration team ensured a seamless program, with no ‘surprises’. They ensured that working with them on such an involved program was effortless and easy.

I highly recommend Realisations Consultancy to any organisation considering undertaking tailored, relevant and fun management learning and development.

--- Michael Nel, Manager, Learning and Development, Silver Chain Nursing Association

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