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As part of Term Network Contract 7/99, Main Roads and Downer EDI Works collaborated to implement major pavement rehabilitation works on various sections of Kwinana Freeway. Whilst this project proved to be a great success, in the interest of continuous improvement it was decided to hold a lessons learned workshop.

Genevieve Armson and her team at Realisations Consultancy were engaged to prepare and facilitate this workshop, the focus of which was to identify the things that made it a success and also any opportunities for further improvement.

Participants of the workshop were also asked to provide feedback on the format and facilitation of the workshop, how successful it was in meeting the objectives and any particular high or low points. The feedback was very positive with typical comments along the lines of:

  • Improved understanding of other party's problems/issues
  • Honest and open communications
  • Teamwork was clearly in evidence
  • Co-operation between parties - frank and open discussions
  • Interaction by all - sharing and openness
  • Identifying actions within the timeframe
  • Developing action plans
  • Well facilitated with a good process that kept the workshop on track to achieve agreed objectives

I am very happy with the professional service provided by Genevieve and her team at Realisations Consultancy, and would have no hesitation in recommending her services.

--- David Burgoyne, Manager Maintenance - Term Network Contracts, DownerEDi Works

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