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An integral component of the 5 year strategic plan for Klinger (Australia) Ltd is to provide unique and professionally-organised opportunities for our staff to build on, and complement, their current skills, knowledge and confidence. To realise this aim, Klinger has been partnering with Realisations Consultancy for the past 5 years. During this period, Realisations Consultancy has been engaged in designing and facilitating learning opportunities for our senior managers, sales representatives, internal customer service officers, administration staff and factory and warehouse employees.

The learning and development programs designed and facilitated by Genevieve Armson from Realisations Consultancy have reflected a high standard of professionalism, competency and tailoring to meet our specific needs. The commitment of the team at Realisations Consultancy to customer care has ensured a partnership which has more than met our goals.

Realisations Consultancy has taken the time to understand our strategic direction, our business and the aspects that create a unique culture at Klinger. This dedication to customer service, and the professional and enthusiastic facilitation of programs has led our staff to make comments as to the “high spots” of each program such as:

  • Thinking positive and don’t let yourself down
  • Selling techniques
  • Enthusiasm
  • Goals/self empowerment
  • Videos
  • Time management/goal setting
  • Communication
  • Interaction with team members
  • Sharing of laughter and humour
  • Self examination
  • Realisation of ways to better understand myself and others

Our staff have particularly responded to the supportive and fun learning environment that Genevieve Armson creates in each and every program.

We look forward to continuing to reap cultural, learning and sales benefits from our partnership with Realisations Consultancy.

--- Jonathan Lyons, Managing Director, Klinger

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