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Greening Australia (WA) is extremely pleased to have engaged the services of Realisations Consultancy Pty Ltd who designed and conducted a practical and proactive management development “Leaders’” Program. All modules were stimulating, relevant and entertaining. The material was innovative and well suited to the participants.

Realisations Consultancy Pty Ltd took the time to learn about the needs of our staff and structured the program to meet our business demands.

Since the program, the feedback has been very enthusiastic in terms of relevancy to the participants, the style of delivery, the degree of customisation and the level of participant involvement.

Comments from the participants after the program included;

  • "High spot was the team activities and action plans"
  • "The team’s growth and development throughout the sessions – it was tangible".
  • "Role play of manager/staff member. Excellent example and good discussion came out of it".
  • "Being able to come together and work with peers, sharing of insight as well as different styles of manager.
  • "Performance management".

Genevieve Armson has a very professional approach to her work. As a facilitator, Genevieve was enthusiastic and genuinely interested in our business and staff.

We were very pleased with the development and results of the program and I look forward to working with Realisations Consultancy again.

--- Dr Michelle Carey, State Environmental Programs Manager, Greening Australia

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