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On behalf of Plunkett Homes, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to you for the high level of commitment you have shown to this company over the past 8 years. The four most recent programs facilitated over the past year - "Managing for Success", "Creating Delighted Customers", "Building Excellence on Time - On Quality" and "The Plunkett Finishing School" - have all been wonderful successes for our Construction Department.

You and your team at Realisations Consultancy invested significant time and effort prior to all events to gain an in depth understanding of the specific requirements of Plunkett Homes. This ensured that the engagement was highly relevant and fun, delivering an extremely satisfactory outcome for all participants.

Judging by the individual evaluations given by the participants, the programs were certainly very well received. Comments relating to the "high spots" of the programs included:

  • the case studies
  • camaraderie shown by all who attended
  • presentation
  • good time
  • meeting and getting to know other supervisors
  • interacting with others and sharing ideas and views
  • the case for quality
  • listening to others, the way they do things
  • mixing and sharing and solving
  • meeting the rest of the team and joining in group activities
  • exercises and activities
  • sharing information amongst supervisors
  • the participation of everyone. Hearing other participants' solutions to relevant challenges. Team spirit.
  • team building exercises
  • safety procedures
  • group and team work
  • extra knowledge gained

I am confident that the insights and techniques you have shared will help us on our continued journey in our pursuit for excellent service to our clients. Thank you Genevieve.

--- Tony Pritchett, Managing Director, Plunkett Homes

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