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Growing Business Through Relationships

In the 21st century, business is won or lost on the strength of relationships. The old style of selling concentrated on – the sale, the seller, closing the sale, often utilising high pressure tactics, win/lose. The new style of selling focuses on creating an on-going relationship with your clients. It emphasises – selling on a purpose, the client, solving the client’s problem, win/win, making the client feel important, and genuinely having the client’s concerns at heart.

The program is practical, hands on and relevant to today’s business climate. It examines growing business through relationships in YOUR business.

What will the program cover?

  • What is relationship selling?
  • Your current style of selling and relating
  • Skills and techniques for building the relationship – communications, getting to know the client,listening, product linking, up selling, decision making, empowerment, negotiations, adding value
  • What works with clients
  • What turns them off
  • Handling objections – practical tips and techniques
  • Dealing with difficult behaviour
  • Personal development skills for managing the relationship – self motivation, self belief, assertive communications, getting your priorities right, control strategies for everyday stress
  • What systems work best – for you ? for the company?
  • Action planning

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