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Flexible Thinking and Behaviour

It’s often easy to ‘get stuck’ in one way of thinking. Most of us have been taught in the school system that there is a right way and a wrong way. Think back to your school days when you gave an incorrect response to an arithmetic question. As ‘encouragement’ not to get the answer wrong again you may have been punished or made to feel inadequate.

This program will examine the way we think and behave – encouraging you to be more flexible in work and in life. It will question the ‘right’ way to think through a problem, and discuss different options for viewing everyday issues. It will go beyond the traditional ‘right or wrong’ of thinking and of behaving.

Flexible thinking and behaviour can also lead to more fun and excitement in your working life. Tom Peters recently said ‘The number 1 premise in business is that it need not be boring or dull. It ought to be fun. If it’s not fun, you’re wasting your life’. He’s right.

What will the program cover?

  • Current ways of thinking and behaving – current conventions
  • The traditional approach to problem solving
  • Being creative in approaching problems
  • Creatively generating an idea
  • Taking responsibility for your thinking and behaviour
  • Action planning – applying this to everyday life

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