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Developing Emotional Intelligence

Do you want to increase your professional skills, be more confident in your role, discover additional energy for your personal and working life? This intensive program will address these areas, and many more. It will challenge your current views of what intelligence really means. It will show you how you can tap into previously unused skills and knowledge, being a more confident, productive and balanced individual. Give us your staff and we will give you back confident, competent and emotionally intelligent people who will work for you because they want to! Research has shown that emotionally intelligent staff ultimately have a major impact on the profitability and productivity of your company. This intensive program will address this exciting area with measurable results.

What Will the Program Cover?

  • The range of your emotions
  • The links between feelings and behaviour
  • Your own strengths and limitations
  • Different emotional intelligence styles
  • Self control and adaptability
  • Personal accountability and commitment
  • Your emphasis on being open vs. systems minded
  • Your emphasis on feelings vs. facts focus
  • Your personal responses and reactions
  • Emotional intelligent competencies
  • The potential to adopt different styles
  • Action planning

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