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What Great Companies Are Made Of

A 16 Month Program Aligning Individual Vision, Values and Goals with Company Vision, Values and Goals.

  • Addressing:
    Taking responsibility

  • Producing:
    Supported, Motivated and Inspired Staff
    Stimulating Environment
    Cultural Transformation

Creating the Culture You Want in Your Organisation

Do you want to increase your professional skills, be more confident in your role, discover additional energy for your personal and working life? This intensive program will address these areas, and many more. It will challenge your current views of your role in the organisation. It will show you how you can tap into previously unused skills and knowledge, being a more confident, productive and balanced individual.

  • In a recent survey of employees where did salary rate in order of importance?
  • Do rewards and incentives motivate staff to provide excellent service to your clients?
  • What drives most employees to leave their companies?
  • What is the connection between - your corporate culture - and lifelong clients?

Inspired Staff! Give us your staff and we will give you back people who will 'bust a gut' to work for you, because they want to! Research has shown that the attitudes and beliefs of your staff ultimately have a major impact on the profitability and productivity of your company. This intensive program will address these issues - with measurable results.

The benefits for your organisation are amazing and visible

A Culture of:

  • People who have a common vision
  • Contributors, risk takers, innovators
  • People taking responsibility
  • Open, honest communications & teamwork
  • Systems & structures serving people
  • Support & co-operation
  • Achievement
  • One spirit

What is the Format of the Program?

  • 21 x 2 hour seminar modules
  • conducted over 16 months
  • with one-on-one confidential support
  • establishment of peer support networks in your company
  • defined and agreed results for each stage of the project
  • detailed reference materials for all delegates
  • evaluation points throughout the program
  • check points for evaluation of results throughout the project
  • compulsory reading materials
  • agreed check points for discussion with the CEO and corporate executives
  • The emphasis is on productive CHANGES in the corporate environment

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