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Powerful Negotiating

Negotiation Skills - How do you rate your skill and knowledge levels when it comes to negotiating on behalf of your organisation? Are you a confident and competent negotiator? Do you carefully plan for a negotiation or do you simply 'play it by ear'? Do you discuss strategies with your negotiating team or do you simply 'let it happen'? This program will address the stages of a successful negotiation and will give you practise in these essential skills. You'll also receive encouraging feedback on your style and skill level. There'll be no holding you back after this program!

What will the program cover?

  • What a negotiation is and what it is not
  • How to get the best out of your negotiation by using the four key phases
  • What communication skills you need to use to effectively negotiate
  • How to put these skills into a plan for one of your negotiations
  • Practice sessions with constructive and supportive feedback

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