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Taking Teams to the Next Level

Working in a team can be a very rewarding and motivating experience. It can also be the source of a great deal of stress, frustration and aggravation. An organisation is only as effective as its people's ability to successfully work together and with a common focus. An organisation can have highly sophisticated processes in place, yet still not succeed if there is no teamwork. Structured to the unique needs of your organisation and your team, this program will guide you and your colleagues through strategies so that teamwork adds to your success and enjoyment at work. The results will be relevant to your teamís stage of development and to your specific needs.

What can the program cover? (The specific areas will depend on your teamís precise needs)

  • The teamís mission statement
  • The goals for the team - for the next year and beyond
  • The roles, needs and skills of the individual members
  • The specific strategies for maximising team cohesiveness, synergy and communication

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