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About Realisations

Realisations Consultancy Pty Ltd was established in 1992 by Dr Genevieve Armson BSc (Hons), MBA (Specialising in Adult Education), Master of Counselling, Doctor of Business Administration, to provide valuable services to the public and private sectors in corporate education.

Realisations consists of a team of committed and passionate people who work with your organistion to achieve practical results.

Realisations specialises in providing you and your team with relevant, innovative and successful corporate learning.

Dr Genevieve Armson is a registered member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), the Employee Assistance Professionals Association of Australasia (EAPAA) and the Association of Alternative Dispute Resolvers (LEADR/IAMA).

Dr Genevieve Armson

Professional development through learning is a vital step towards workplace cohesiveness, cooperation and ultimately, company success.

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • One-On-One coaching
  • Client-centred counselling

Presentations are designed to suit your required result - from a one hour conference presentation to a 16 month program

All our programs can be offered nationally.

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Realisations partners with you to create:

...a thriving corporate environment
...inspired staff
...lifelong clients

The Realisations Advantage

  • Over 20 years of proven results
  • Specialist corporate educators with extensive industry experience and qualifications
  • High quality customised programs
  • Streamlined support systems
  • Measurable outcomes

What Capabilities do we develop in your people?

  • Self-awareness - self-management
  • Self-expression - communication, presentation
  • Balance - whole life focus aligning individual vision, values and goals with corporate vision, values and goals
  • Enthusiasm - creativity, solutions, innovation
  • Goal-setting - strong sense of direction, control
  • Problem-solving - decision-making, stress management, time management
  • Interpersonal skills - autonomy and assertiveness, interdependence, synergy
  • Being proactive - planning, organising, delegating
  • Leadership - direction, inspiration, continuous learning

What We Do

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Self-belief, which evolves out of having the right skills and a sense of self-worth, leads to clarity, energy and commitment.

The result is real and enduring success for individuals and the organisation. This has a direct impact on productivity and the triple bottom-line of your business.

Realisations builds the self-belief of individuals.

How We Do It

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Our focus is to assist individuals and companies to 'realise their full inner potential'. Our emphasis is on practical, relevant and timely knowledge and skills development. The result is success, on an individual and a company basis.

Our work emphasises acceptance and diversity of individuals and companies; positive feedback as a genuine learning aid; modelling as an important part of what we present; and problem-solving as an underpinning ability that is needed by all successful people.

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